Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions

   In an effort to ease the bidding process, we have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions.


                    Vendor – Company or individual doing business with a Member 

                  Member – Education Entity - School District/College/Private/Parochial School

           Discount Bid – A discount bid process places companies on a multiple-vendor award for Region 7
                                  Purchasing Members to utilize. Bid awards are non-negotiable.

    Approved Vendor – A company that has completed a bid process with Region 7 Purchasing and has been
    (Awarded)               approved by the Region 7 Board of Directors

Vendor FAQs:

Q. Will creating an account place a company as an approved vendor?

     A. No, creating an account/completing a bid notification request is a request to receive notice of bid(s),
         access available bids and browse current bid awards.

Q. There is a $25.00 fee. Does that cover our company forever?

     A. No, the $25.00 administrative fee is required with each bid submitted and reoccurs ANNUALLY. The fee
         will be prompted before a bid submission is complete; either by credit card (PayPal interface) or mailing
         in a U.S. check or money order.       
                     i.e.: If a company submits two bids every year, that company
                            is prompted to pay $50.00 total.
         Region 7 Purchasing does not invoice or charge vendor fees to a company
         approved under a multiple-vendor award.

 Q. How do I know if the members are using the Region 7 bid awards?

  1. Each Purchasing member facilitates their own purchases with companies directly. Since no purchase
    order is required to go through Region 7 Purchasing, we do not track vendor usage under discount bids.
    Requiring a reference or bid number on POs in the ‘Inclusions/Exclusions’ portion of a bid submission
    will allow the company to have the means to track member usage of that award.


Q. Do the schools have to purchase from only awarded companies?

      A. No, our members may have access to other cooperatives and choose who and what they purchase. We cover
          the bid law requirements set by the state to ensure our members are following necessary steps legally
          required of purchases.  See here for more information on the Texas Education Code Requirements.

Q. What are the benefits of being a Region 7 member?

      A. Region 7 Purchasing & Vendor Services facilitate discount bidding processes, meeting the requirements set by
          the  state of Texas up to the point of purchasing & pricing. This saves members time and money by meeting
          the advertising, bid submission, and Board approval requirements. It, also, allows the members the flexibility
          of having access to multiple companies, ensuring best pricing at time of purchase. The members are not locked-in
          to one company at a specific price for the year.

Q. Can schools that are not members buy from the Region 7 list?

      A. No, all Region 7 Purchasing members are required to have an inter-local agreement on file with the Cooperative.
          Please contact our office if you are interested in membership.

Q. Can all members use the line-item or single-source bids?

      A. No, all Region 7 Purchasing members are required to actively participate in any line-item or single-source bids.
          This ensures accurate estimates and better pricing for all members participating. There are no additional fees
          involved to participate in these bids. Please contact our office if you are interested in any of these.

Q. A company is showing awarded but the date has passed; are they approved?

       A. No, each bid award is valid for one year. If an ending date has passed, the award is expired.
           For auditing purposes – previous year awards are accessible through legacy bids.
                            Ex. of legacy bids: Cafeteria Equipment & Supplies CAFEQ1213 (valid 04/19/2012 - 04/19/2013)

Q. A company is showing under ‘Not Yet Approved’ does this mean they will be approved?

       A. No, pending approval does not guarantee award. The company bid submission is being reviewed and is pending
           until approved by the Region 7 Board of Directors on the validity date listed.


If you have any additional questions, please email Region 7 Purchasing or call us at 903-988-6859

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