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Bid: Audio Visual Equipment & Supplies AVS2122
Valid 02/25/2021 - 02/25/2022
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880-11 Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies, (Not Otherwise Classified); 880-20 Film Editing and Splicing Equipment and Supplies: Cement, Cleaner, Conditioner, Editors, Film Leader, Splicers, etc.; 880-30 Pointers: Projection Type, Hand-Held and Stationary, 110V AC and Battery Powered; 880-40 Previewers, Sorters, and Viewers: Filmstrips, Slides, etc., Not Projectors or Film Editors and Viewers; 880-42 Projectional Supplies: Acetate Sheets, Films, Photo-Reflex and Photo-Modifier Materials, etc.; 880-43 Projection Screens: Standard and Rear-Projection Types; 880-46 Projection Stands, Tables, etc.: Standard and Rear-Projection Types; 880-49 Projectors, Filmstrip, Standard Types Only Carrying Cases Parts, and Accessories; 880-52 Projectors, Motion Picture, Specialized Types Only: Film Loop Projectors, Rear-Projection Units, Repetitive Projectors, etc.; 880-55 Projectors, Motion Picture, Standard Type Only, Including Carrying Cases, Parts and Accessories; 880-58 Projectors, Opaque, Including Carrying Cases, Parts and Accessories, Epidiascopes; 880-61 Projectors, Overhead Transparency, Including Carrying Cases, Parts and Accessories; 880-64 Projectors, Slide, Standard Types Only, Including Carrying Cases, Parts and Accessories; 880-67 Projectors: Combination Filmstrip-Slide Projectors, Rear-Projection Slide Units, Rear-Projection Filmstrip Units, LCD Projectors, (Not Otherwise Classified); 880-73 Recycled Visual Education Equipment, Accessories and Supplies; 880-80 Shipping and Storage Accessories, For Films, Filmstrips, Slides, etc.: Cans, Carrying Cases, Cartridges, Reels, Shipping Cases, Slide Files and Trays, etc.; 880-85 Storage Cabinets, Visual Education Equipment and Supplies; 880-86 Tables, Light, Visual Education; 880-88 Transparencies; 880-90 Transparency Equipment
840-10 Antennas and Accessories: Amplifiers, Brackets, Masts, Mounts, Rotators, Standoffs, etc., Television Only; 840-14 Audio Equipment and Accessories, Television, Microphones, Mixers, and Amplifiers; 840-20 Broadcast Equipment, Television; 840-21 Broadcast Disaster Recovery Equipment; 840-24 Cable or Community Television Equipment and Hardware; 840-27 Carts and Stands, Television, VCR/DVD Players, Multi-Device; 840-28 Cassette Holders, Video, DVD/DVR/CDR; 840-30 Digital Video Disk, DVD Television Combinations; 840-34 Editing, Titling, and Special Effects Systems, Accessories, and Parts; 840-36 Frequency Measuring Equipment, Television; 840-38 Monitors, Television; 840-40 Recording Tape, Video, Video Cassettes: Videotape Evaluator/Cleaner; 840-43 Rewinding Equipment, Tape; 840-45 Satellite Receiver Dish, Video; 840-50 Studio Equipment: Furnishings, Record and Tape Storage Cabinets, Tables, etc.; 840-55 Switchers, Audio and Video; 840-56 Teleconference Systems, Audio/Video, Including Video on Demand Systems; 840-57 Teleprompters and Accessories; 840-58 Television Hardware, Adapters, Brackets, Connectors, and Converters - Analog to Digital, etc.; 840-59 Television, Interactive Digital LED/LCD HDTV, Integrated with PC; 840-60 Television Receivers and Consoles; 840-62 Television Receivers, Wide Screen, Projection Type; 840-64 Television Tools, Equipment and Supplies for Analysis, Inspection, Testing, etc.; 840-65 Television Transmitters; 840-66 Television-VCR Combination Sets; 840-67 Video Camera Recorders, Digital Type; 840-68 VCR/DVD/Blu-Ray Television Combinations; 840-69 Video Camera-Recorders, Accessories and Parts, Television Studio Type; 840-70 Video Camera-Recorders, Accessories and Parts, Portable Type; 840-71 Video Cassette Recorders, VCR, Accessories and Parts, Consumer; 840-72 Video Lighting Units, Portable, and Battery Packs, Accessories, etc.; 840-74 Video Monitors, Demodulators, Signal Processors, etc. Accessories and Parts; 840-75 Video Players; 840-76 Video Projectors, Accessories and Parts; 840-82 Video/Disk/DVD Players, Recorders and Playback Only Devices CDI Players, etc.; 840-84 Video and Audio Systems, Accessories and Parts, Closed Circuit TV, Including Surveillance Type; 840-86 Video Systems, Studio Quality Production; 840-95 Recycled Television Equipment and Accessories
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