ADVENTURES IN LEARNING: General Office Supplies & Furniture GOSF2122

Bid: General Office Supplies & Furniture GOSF2122
Valid 04/15/2021 - 04/21/2022
First Submitted: 03/12/2021 01:13PM
Last Updated: 04/15/2021 11:47AM
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605-03 Bells, Call 605-05 Collators, Mechanical, Table Top Type; and Accessories 605-10 Copyholders, Mechanical, Adjustable 605-14 Copyholders, Nonmechanical, Non-Adjustable 605-18 Cutter, Wrapping Paper 605-24 Date and Time Machines and Parts 605-30 Embossing Machines and Labeling Machines and Tapes, Including Credit Card Embossers 605-34 Eyelet Machines and Eyelets 605-36 Footrests 605-41 Magnets 605-42 Magnifying Glasses and Magnifiers 605-46 Moisteners, Sanitary; and Rubber Finger Tips, Including Sheet Lifters 605-50 Numbering Machines and Supplies: Ink, Pads, etc. 605-60 Pencil Sharpeners, Electric and Battery Operated 605-63 Pencil Sharpeners, Manual; and Parts 605-65 Punches, Paper 605-67 Punches, Paper, Manual 605-68 Recycled Office Mechanical Aids, Small Machines and Apparatuses 605-69 Scissors and Shears, Office 605-75 Sealing and Tape Machines, Mail Room 605-78 Seal, Notary and Departmental 605-82 Staple Removers 605-85 Stapling Machines, Including Parts and Accessories 605-88 Stapling Machines and Parts, Manual
615-03 Adding Machine and Calculator Paper, Rolls 615-04 Adding Machine and Calculator Paper, Rolls, Thermal Type Treated Paper and Carbonless Type 615-05 Adhesives and Applicators: Glue, Mucilage, Paste, etc. 615-09 Binders: Chain, Post, Prong, Ring, etc. 615-11 Binder Sheets: Accounting, Columnar, Index, Journal, Ledger, etc. 615-13 Blotters and Pads, Suggestion Boxes, Desk 615-14 Boards: Calendar, Schedule, Dispatch, Manning, etc. 615-15 Books, Office: Accounting, Address, Columnar, Composition, Memo, Minute, Receipt, Steno, Time, etc. 615-17 Box Files 615-18 Braille Labeling Material: Plastic Sheets, etc. 615-19 Calendars, Calendar Pads and Stands 615-20 Cash Register Paper 615-21 Chair Cushions, All Types 615-23 Chair Mats, Carpet Protectors, All Types 615-24 Cleaners, Hand, Pre-moistened Towelettes, etc. 615-25 Clipboards, Arch Boards, etc. 615-27 Coin Wrappers, Bill Straps, Bank Deposit Bags, etc. 615-29 Correction Fluid, Sheets and Tape, Including Thinners (See 610-96 For Typewriter Correction Tape) 615-31 Covers: Brief, Manuscript, Pressboard, Report, etc. 615-32 Covers, Sleeve, Cuffettes 615-33 Desk Accessories: Alphabetizers, Cash Boxes, Desk Files, File Card Cabinets, Letter Sorters, Message Racks, etc. 615-35 File Cards, Blank and Ruled 615-37 File Cases: Jackets, Binder, Storage, Transfer, etc. 615-39 File Dividers: Labels, Tabs, etc. 615-41 File Folders: Expanding Envelopes, Wallets, etc. 615-43 File Folders, Hanging Type; and Accessories 615-45 File Folders, Regular, Legal and Letter Sizes 615-47 File Guides 615-48 Holders, Form and Memo, Including Spindles 615-49 Index Tabs: Celluloid, Cloth, etc. 615-50 Key Rings, All Types 615-51 Labels, Reinforcements, Seals, etc., Not Printed); and Sealing Wax 615-52 Label Remover Equipment 615-53 Letter Folders and Openers 615-55 Letter and Card Trays, All Types 615-57 List Finders, Rolodex, Telephone Strips, and Accessories 615-60 Office Supplies, General (Not Otherwise Classified) 615-62 Pads and Tablets: Analysis, Columnar, Figure, Memo, Note, Ruled, Post-It Notes, Telephone Message, etc. 615-65 Pads and Covers, Office Machine, All Types 615-67 Paper Clips, Ball Bearing 615-69 Paper Clips, Clamps, Fasteners, Round and Flat Head, Dispensers, etc. 615-71 Paper Fasteners, Prong Type 615-72 Planners, Organizers 615-73 Recycled Office Supplies 615-75 Rubber Bands, All Sizes 615-77 Rubber Stamps, Stamp Pads, Stamp Pad Ink and Stamp Racks 615-79 Rulers, All Types 615-80 Sheet Protectors, All Types 615-81 Staples 615-82 Stock Forms and Labels: Copy Sets, Receiving Forms, Speed Letters, etc. 615-84 Tacks (Office Use): Map, Thumb, etc., Including Push and T Pins 615-86 Tags, Key, Marking and Shipping, Stock 615-88 Tape and Dispensers, Office Type 615-89 Tape, Velcro Type 615-90 Typewriter Cleaners and Oils 615-93 Visible Record Supplies: Cards, Flags, Folders, Hinges, Signal, Strips, Tabs, etc. 615-95 Wastebaskets, Office, All Types
620-10 Desk Sets, Inkstands, Penholders, Pen Points, etc. 620-20 Erasers: Pencil Types, etc., 620-30 Ink: Drawing, Marking, and Writing 620-40 Ink Eradicators 620-50 Ink Refills, Not Ballpoint, Drawing and Writing 620-55 Lumber Marking Crayons 620-60 Pencils, Lead; Including Pencil Leads and Pencil Lengtheners 620-70 Pencils, Marking, Including Mechanical Types and Refills: Grease or China Types, etc. 620-71 Pencils, Marking, Not Grease or China Types 620-79 Pens, Fountain 620-80 Pens, General Writing Types: Ball Point, Nylon Tip, Plastic Tip, Roller Ball, etc. 620-81 Pen Refills, General Writing Types: Ball Point, Nylon Tip, Plastic Tip, Roller Ball, etc. 620-85 Pen and Pencil Sets, Including Combo Type 620-86 Pens Erasable Markers 620-90 Pens, Marker Types, Including Highlighter Types 620-94 Recycled Pens and Pencils
977-42 Furniture, Office, Rental or Lease
Classroom Decoratons and Curriculum. Content Area Manipulatives.
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  • is a for-profit entity that has not exceeded the size standards prescribed by 34 TAC ยง20.23, and has its principal place of business in Texas, and
  • is at least 51% owned by an Asian Pacific American, Black American, Hispanic American, Native American, American woman and/or Service Disabled Veteran, who reside in Texas and actively participate in the control, operations and management of the entity's affairs.
Company must be HUB Certified by the state of Texas to be considered fully HUB.
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